Rugby Union Lunch - Scrums, Sumos and Sake

Friday, 5 Jul 2019


Four Seasons Hotel

“Scrums Sumos and Sake Carbine Club Rugby lunch” will give those going to the World Cup a taste of what they can expect......and for those not attending a taste of what they are missing  out on (and maybe a chance to still go)!

Phil Kearns will MC a hilarious (and culturally enriching afternoon) with Craig Wing who played for Japan in the last World Cup (Is there anyone who doesn’t like watching replays of the last five minutes of Japan beating the Springboks in 2015?); George Gregan, Matt Cockbain and a host of other wallabies who played on our last World Cup winning side in 1999 or played and coached in Japan to share stories of their experiences. There will definitely be Sumos, Sake and many other Japanese delights and experiences at the lunch.......Scrums will have to wait until guests are off premises!! This is definitely a “party lunch” that you and your guests will walk away from feeling uplifted by the experience